Lucas Bellotti

Bass – Voice

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family with great taste for music and food.
When I was 13 years old my uncle, a bass player himself, gave me a bass as a gift. Although its brand is still a mistery, it was a great instrument and I started to really get into it.
The first years were a torture for friends and neighbors: my amp had no headphone plug and I would have no concern practicing the same passage for 5 hours in a row.
When I started taking electric bass lessons, things got troubling. My hair was long and my idols were musicians with problematic lives.
Later, I decided to attend Conservatory and study classical upright bass.


In the following years I performed in many live shows around Italy and abroad (Belgium, Bosnia, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Luxembourg, Holland, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and the USA).
Good music comes from everywhere and I love to seek its essence, trying to make it mine. I feel privileged to be able to play several different music genres and could never become a purist, as I’m deeply convinced that the people you play with are what makes you happy, not the notes you play. I’ve worked together with talented musicians and amazing people: Bobby Soul, Les Gastones, Naif Herin, Sensasciou, Zibba e Almalibre, Rebis, Andrea Celeste, Robbo Vigo, Paolo Bonfanti, Dado Moroni, Esmeralda Sciascia, Red Wine, Peter Rowan, Grandpa Banana, Marco Fadda, Laura Mars, Luca Rossi, Andrea Manzoni, Blind Bonobos, Roberto Pronzano, Patrizia Cavassa, Adriano Evangelista, Sharon Jackson, Gian De Martini, Vanessa Jay Mulder, Bruce James and Bella Black, and many others.

Main instruments:

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