Bluegrass Party XI – The other Woodstock

50 years after the most iconic and popular musical event of our time, we are going to relive the dreams, hopes and disillusions of an entire generation through songs and stories from those who were there, those who were there unbeknownst to many, those who were supposed to be there but weren’t and some who were not there at all.

Helping us to tell the story, we are going to have a special guest from California, founding member of The Youngbloods and multi-instrumentalist currently playing keyboard for Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul: Lowell “Grandpa Banana” Levinger. The Youngbloods were one of the most influential rock bands of the 60’s and were actually supposed to perform at Woodstock.

Genoese artist Roberto Zizzo will take care of the scenography and, as usual, expect some last-minute surprises.

Teatro della Tosse
Happy Ticket
Disco Club

For further information:
Lowell Levinger’s website
Lowell Levinger on YouTube
Facebook event